Set up in 2018, Material Voice is a collective of Sheffield based women artists – Heliya Badakhshan (2018-2020), Gillian Brent (2018-2021), Mandy Gamsu (2018-), Seiko Kinoshita (2018-2020), Kate Langrish-Smith (2018-), Clee Claire Lee (2018-), Laura Page (2021-) and Sarah Villeneau (2018-).

Material Voice artists work
Material Voice artists’ work
Photo: Gillian Brent

Material Voice use visual language to challenge the prevailing hegemony by providing new and alternative perspectives on social conventions and realities. We aim to do this through physical interventions, exploring material, space and narrative that shed new light on public buildings, collections and locations. We welcome collaborations with cultural institutions including museums, galleries and heritage sites. 

Coming from diverse backgrounds nationally and internationally, we have all converged on Sheffield, which provides a supportive environment for our art to thrive. We represent a continuum of arts practice; some of us are at the beginning of our journey and others have decades of experience.

The collective provides a framework to support and promote its members with regular peer-mentoring, planning and feedback meetings and group exhibitions. The group is non-hierarchical with everyone having an equal say and responsibility for the direction, ethos and implementation of Material Voice.

The collective was initiated by Gillian Brent and Sarah Villeneau.