Material Voice is a collective of seven women artists – Heliya Badakhshan, Gillian Brent, Mandy Gamsu, Seiko Kinoshita,
Kate Langrish-Smith, Clee Claire Lee and Sarah Villeneau.

Material Voice artists work
Material Voice artists’ work
Photo: Gillian Brent

The collective was initiated by Gillian Brent and Sarah Villeneau in Autumn 2018.

One of the aims of the collective is to work in a cross disciplinary nature with a continuing exploration of the language of materials and the position as women makers in Sheffield.

A key part of the collective’s cohesion is through peer-mentoring where the artists share their practice. Peer mentoring sessions have helped establish the collective’s ethos to collaborate, create new work, try out new approaches, reach new or different audiences and work with a range of organisations and people.

The artists hope to engage audiences in dialogue around how new perspectives can be voiced through their use of materials and the artworks they make.