Clee Claire Lee

Clee Claire Lee’s work includes sculpture, installation and live art, which she uses to explore concepts of space, liminality, threshold and transition, the synergy of the senses, and relationships with oneself, one’s body and the world. 

Untitled (Fenêtre I), 2018. Mild steel wire

She has an affinity with wire, which she welds or weaves into routes and voids, resonating and disconnecting, intuitively forming large yet barely visible structures – amorphous and skeletal – ethereal bodies that sit on the border between materiality and intangibility. She often suspends these, and sometimes adds light and sound to create uncanny environments that lure viewers to the periphery of experience. 

The engagement of Lee’s body, both as medium and tool, is crucial as she draws out her ideas – both three-dimensionally with the wire, and in negotiating boundaries with other human bodies through collaborative voice and movement. This way she contemplates how viewers connect with their own bodies when encountering her work.