Gillian Brent

Gillian’s sculpture is rooted in Modernist principles of manipulating form, space and material; she utilises these to address contemporary concerns about the significance and proliferation of ‘stuff’ and the pressures to define ourselves through the things we own.

‘Material Objectification’, 2019. Concrete, glass bowl, bicycle inner tube.

Gillian is intrigued by our sensitivities to the desirability, function, and purpose of physical objects, and the different values – economic, cultural, emotional – we attribute to them. Her sculptures explore the affective power objects have over us, and their value beyond utility and monetary transaction. They also constitute personal recordings of some of the social changes that have taken place over her lifetime.

Gillian has exhibited extensively in galleries and outdoor venues throughout Britain.

A large part of Gillian’s practice is in a learning, engagement and participation context working with both adults and children in arts projects, public realm commissions and programmes with galleries such as Nottingham Contemporary, The Hepworth Wakefield and Yorkshire Sculpture Park and with public and community organisations.

Gillian is one of the co-founders of Material Voice.