Kate Langrish-Smith

Interested in the semiotics of objects, their place and time within our society and how they influence taste, status and desire Kate Langrish-Smith’s practice is embodied through conceptually exploring experience, touch and the act of looking. Slipping between the notions of art and fashion her practice crosses disciplines: contemporary fashion object, ceramics and sculpture. Thoughtful and sensitive, with the aim to inspire and evoke not mass production or goods, but ideas that are both critical and engaged – more than functional or even wearable pieces, she is interested in sculpture and adornment as methods of representation in dialogue with the body and explores the notion of object, worth and desire.

'Cussi', 2016
‘Cussi’, 2016

Kate Langrish-Smith is currently on the Ceramic Starter Programme supported by the Yorkshire Artspace in Sheffield, she is an Associate Lecturer on the MA Design at Sheffield Institute of Arts, her work is exhibited internationally, and is currently in two touring exhibitions TRANSFASHIONAL exploring experimental fashion in the context of contemporary art and WHY-WHAT-WHO celebrating 10 years of the innovative Fashion Artefact Masters programme.