Sarah Villeneau

Whilst Sarah’s sculpture is rooted in ceramics, it pushes the boundaries of traditional ceramic art practice. Evoking fear, disgust and fascination through its visceral exploration of the body in all its fleshy materiality, the work challenges both the comfortable aesthetic of much ceramic production, whilst also challenging the viewer’s relationship to their own bodies and, by extension, life, ageing and death. Coming from a feminist perspective, the work references Julia Kristeva’s concept of abjection as the site of provocation of both revulsion and fascination: “The irruption of the bodily into our lives…disturbs identity, … does not respect borders, positions, rules”.

 ‘Poise’ Ceramic, metal and slate
‘Poise’ Ceramic, metal and slate. Approx 50 x 50 x 20 cm

Sarah is an elected member of the Royal Society of Sculptors and Design Nation. She exhibits her work locally, nationally and internationally. An active member of the arts community, Sarah is a Coach for Visual Artists and co-founder of the Material Voice collective.