A social distancing collaboration project for lockdown.

Heliya wrote a brief (which wasn’t strictly adhered to!). Read it here

Clee: Find a BOX or make one if you like to, no bigger than A3. Place an item that you either find on your daily walk or something that you have made in the box. Pack The BOX and please take to Mandy’s house.

Mandy: Repeat the same task with The BOX, you can either respond to Clee or add another item of your wish. (the item can be anything; your item could be for example a written instruction telling what next artist do?) Cycle to Seiko’s and deliver The BOX. 

Seiko: Repeat the task, and add a tool to The BOX (a tool can be anything a wood, a spoon whatever you like) and deliver to Gill 

Gill: Repeat the task and use the tool Seiko send to you. And deliver by cycling to Heliya.

Heliya: Repeat the task and remove Seiko’s tool from The BOX; either add another tool or just leave alone. Deliver The BOX to Kate

Kate: Repeat the task, if found any tool use it, if not carry on with The BOX and deliver to Sarah.

Sarah: Repeat the task. Deliver The BOX back to Clee.

Clee: Complete The BOX and write up a little story and put it inside. 

You only have 3 days to complete your contribution to The BOX.

Documentation of the collaboration process.

Stage 1 – Clee

Stage 2 – Mandy

Stage 3 – Seiko

Stage 4 – Gillian

Stage 5 – Heliya

Stage 6 – Kate

Stage 7 – Sarah

Stage 8 – Back to Clee